The Art of Relaxation

It truly is an art, this thing people call relaxation. Like any other kind of art, not everyone is capable of creating it. Relaxation can be a tedious thing that one must approach with a calm mind and a steady constitution. But how does one actually become relaxed?


Of course, as in any matter of health, the solution is unique to the individual. Relaxation is not bound by a specific set of rules or even guidelines; it is different for everybody. This is because each of us has grown up surrounded by different ideas, thoughts, environments, etc. Therefore, each one of us has been shaped by specific sets of influences. This explains why some people find laying in a hammock and getting lost in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings relaxing, while others find slaying zombies on a television screen relaxing. Each of us has different needs, wants, beliefs, and opinions, and because of this, each of us has different ways of determining what we find relaxing.


So how does one actually become relaxed? Well, my advice to you is as follows:

First, try things out yourself – if you know yourself well enough, you will be able to discover how to relax with very little effort.

Second, “monkey see, monkey do” – observe how your parents, relatives, friends, or whoever you spend the most time with, relax; this is probably the most effective way to discover what works for you.

Third, the Internet can be a wonderful tool for learning about relaxation, but be sure you use credible sites and always check for a bibliography. After all, how do you know I haven’t made all of this up?

Fourth, seek professional help. If you have unusually high stress levels or just cannot relax no matter how hard you try, go and see a doctor.


Here is a short list of things people that I know find relaxing:

– Getting a massage

– Reading

– Pipe tobacco smoking

– Playing video games

– Stargazing

– Watching clouds change shape

– Watching a fire burn

– Watching a specific kind of movie

– Swimming

– Sitting in a hot tub

– Having a sauna

– Drinking something warm

– Playing an instrument

– Moving a body part in a rhythmic motion

– Playing a board game


3 responses to “The Art of Relaxation

  1. Just reading this has made me feel relaxed, i’m glad you posted this because i sometimes find it hard to relax but do my best to as well. I actually have problems with sitting still sometimes, i have to be in a certain peaceful place to feel relax. The beach and a quiet garden makes me feel really really relaxed, I love watching the sky as the world turns and the day passes.

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