General Dissatisfaction

As humans, we judge, it is just part of who we are. Of course, judging can be good, as long as the judgement being made is not an ignorant one. By this I mean that a person who has little knowledge of what they are judging, is making an ignorant judgement.


An example of this is when someone sees a movie title and says to him/herself, “oh, that sounds like a cool horror movie.” His/her brain automatically fills in the blank and makes a judgement about the movie based solely on the information at hand. This kind of quick and uninformed judgement can cause problems. After the person watches the movie and realizes that it is not what they expected at all, he/she gives it a bad review and is usually unsatisfied. This clearly shows that the person’s dissatisfaction is caused by his/her own ignorant judgement.


Ignorant judgements are the cause of many man-made problems. Among the top ones are racism and gay hate, which are made by judging a person based on one characteristic of him/her: racists judge based on race; gay haters judge based on sexual orientation. As we all know, racism and gay hate has caused much unnecessary pain and suffering. So why do it? Why make ignorant judgements if they only lead to dissatisfaction?



3 responses to “General Dissatisfaction

  1. Stereotyping, generalizing is indeed backwards, if only everyone could think of others as ‘separate’ people and stop labeling them and addressing certain negative attributes to them. All people should mix together and accept one another without making any blind judgement.

    I too feel that people jump at the chance to judge and then judge a book by its cover. They only set them self up for problems. Passionate post.

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