King Arthur – Memorial Monday

Today I am recognizing King Arthur. Some may say that he never existed, and some believe hard-core in the legends. There are also many different variations of the King Arthur myth and each has lessons to teach. Real or not, I am glad to remember King Arthur and the many different stories surrounding him.


3 responses to “King Arthur – Memorial Monday

  1. Me too! I believe he is real, putting Shakespeare (lol) aside i believe most myths are actually real or have been real at some point. I believe some mythical creatures/races did exist too at some point.

    I have an interesting story/report you might like btw: in google type ‘green children of woolpit’. It isn’t anything to do with kings and royalty but believe it to be true too.

    • Awesome! I’m sure there is a large amount of truth in a lot of legends and myths. The sad part is that there is no way of proving that some things did exist.

      That green children of woolpit story is a good one and it could very well be true. I love mythology and everything to do with it even if it is true or not.

      • I’m considering buying a book on mythological creatures at some point 🙂 i agree, a lot of inspiration has to start somewhere real or at least it must be a mix of different things witnessed.

        The fact these green children enjoyed green beans is odd though and the fact they stated where they come from all people were green is also mysterious. Crazy stuff.

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