Shakespeare? – Memorial Monday

Today I am remembering William Shakespeare. Real or not, this character contributed much to the language of today and to the culture of the time. It is rare that you will find a person with a highschool education who does not know who Shakespeare is. He was the man who made a lot of stories famous and many people aware of what great acting truly was. It is quite possible that Shakespeare was really just a name used by many, a few, or one. But nobody knows for certain, so I am remembering whoever was called William Shakespeare and thanking them/him/her for such an amazing contribution to the world.



2 responses to “Shakespeare? – Memorial Monday

  1. A big thank you to Shakespeare, if we did not have him we would not have all the great literature, work and plays he brought us. I have a big book of Shakespeare stories on my bookshelf, have not got around to reading them all yet but ive enjoyed them all so far 🙂

    PS: i have nominated you for ‘Very Inspiring Blog Award’, click here to see – Cheers!

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