Teachers That Don’t Pick Favourites – Thumbs up Thursday

Today I am giving a thumbs up to all teachers that don’t pick favourites. I am sure we have all seen an educator that grades some students easier than others based on their personal opinion of the person. Every student should be treated fairly and equally in the classroom and should be judged on academic success, not personality. So here is a thumbs up to the teachers that do treat students fairly and equally.


4 responses to “Teachers That Don’t Pick Favourites – Thumbs up Thursday

  1. This reminded me of that Malcom in the Middle episode. The one where the teacher posted a scoreboard and ranked everyone to inspire everyone to work super hard…..I’m not sure why.

  2. This problem was a big one at my high school tbh.

    i had classes with teachers where they were always giving better effort grades to those who were more friendly toward teachers when i always worked my socks off.

    one of my male science teachers too always gave the girls better grades and seemed to help them more as well as flirt with them >_>

    It can be annoying but i know there are teachers out there who do teach in the right way and put focus on whats correct rather than who their favorite is, a big well done and thumbs up goes to them 🙂

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