Shakespeare? – Memorial Monday

Today I am remembering William Shakespeare. Real or not, this character contributed much to the language of today and to the culture of the time. It is rare that you will find a person with a highschool education who does not know who Shakespeare is. He was the man who made a lot of stories famous and many people aware of what great acting truly was. It is quite possible that Shakespeare was really just a name used by many, a few, or one. But nobody knows for certain, so I am remembering whoever was called William Shakespeare and thanking them/him/her for such an amazing contribution to the world.



Going to Africa – Thumbs up Thursday

I recently befriended a woman who has the goal of working as a doctor in Africa when she finishes university. Honestly, I find this awesome and I feel like there should be more people in the world like this remarkable person. The sheer amount of selflessness required to do something like this is, in today’s world, very hard to find in a person. This woman is going to give up years of her life for the sole purpose of making the lives of the less fortunate better. I am giving a thumbs up to this young lady and all others like her or aspiring to be like her. We need more people like this in the world.

Indigenous Peoples – Thumbs up Thursday

Today, I am giving a thumbs up to every person involved in getting indigenous peoples around the world treated as equals.

As many know, there have been horrible and disturbing things done to indigenous peoples, some include: Canada’s Residential Schools, hunting indigenous peoples for sport, trying to justify the mass murder of numerous indigenous peoples, et cetera.

I believe that we should not dwell on the past, but instead, need to be reminded of our mistakes so that we may learn from them. So here’s both of my thumbs held high for the people battling for the fair treatment of indigenous peoples.

Christopher Tolkien – Memorial Monday

One literary figure that is often forgotten when it comes to fantasy work is Christopher Tolkien. This man compiled much of J.R.R. Tolkien’s (Christopher’s father) writings and produced the books we now know and love: Unfinished Tales, The Silmarillion, etc.

Christopher also edited a lot of his father’s books and helped bring to life the world of Middle Earth. Good job, sir.

2011 Japanese Tsunami – Thumbs up Thursday

A little over a year ago there was a tremendous earthquake off the coast of Japan. This earthquake caused a 23 foot tall tsunami that changed the lives of many. It was reported that there were 15,839 dead, 5,950 injured, and 3,642 missing.

Today, I am giving a huge thumbs up to every person, country, and organization involved in the rescue, recovery, and rehabilitation of the people and places that were devastated by the earthquake and tsunami.