Alexander the Great – Thumbs up Thursday

Alright, today I am giving a great big, non-homophobic thumbs up to Alexander the Great. As many know, Alexander was bisexual. I am trying to make more aware of the great man’s bisexuality and let people know that it is, in fact, ok to be gay.

An awesome movie that I think does Alexander justice is Alexander Revisited. It takes the audience on a three and a half hour journey through Alexander’s life and is done with wonderful respect of him. I found this movie at my local HMV. You shouldn’t have a problem finding it. Happy watching!


It’s Okay to be Gay – Thumbs up Thursday

Today I am giving a thumbs up to every openly gay person out there. There are so many people that are completely opposed to homosexuality, and each one of them has his/her own reason(s) for being that way. But gay people are not going away, they never will. I believe that eventually we will have equality, even if it takes centuries. So just hang in there, I am rooting for you and so are millions of others.

What’s Wrong With Being Gay?

As many have heard, there have been some suicides caused by gay hate recently. Honestly, we are all human beings, and as such, we are the only living thing on this planet with an advanced ability to reason. With this ability comes a duty to act morally, decently, and rationally (what kind of creatures would we be if we didn’t?). This absurd hating of someone because of his/her personal preferences is not only unacceptable, but it is utterly disgusting.


Alas, I am not incapable of seeing another side of the story. To have a reasonable opinion on this matter, we must first discover the hateful person’s motivation. Some people are told by their parents that to be gay is not ok, some have had a bad or frightening experience involving a gay person, and some just simply lack knowledge about homosexuality, bringing into play the human’s fear of the unknown; a fear that quickly turns into hate (in this situation). But the most prevailing reason of gay hate is that many believe gay people simply do not fit in; an ideology that has been around for too many years.


How many of these haters do you think have seen and loved the film 300? Now, how many of those people do you think know that Spartan warriors were encouraged to have sexual relations with their male companions? Imagine that, one of the most renowned armies in world history was gay. I know of a school that has a Spartan warrior as their mascot. Do you think anyone has ever raised controversy over the team name? Nobody has, but it is quite possible that if anyone does make more people aware of this, the school board would feel extreme pressure from the students to have their mascot changed. This is a wonderful example of how lack of knowledge can lead to unnecessary problems.


Sadly, the hate we see today in gay haters is directly related to Adolph Hitler’s hate of different minorities during the holocaust. Without hesitation I will suggest that the suicides caused by gay hate are an almost exact reflection of Hitler’s genocide committed against gays, Jews, gypsies, etc. more than seventy years ago. The only main difference is that today, nobody is willing to step forward and take the blame for the deaths of these innocent homosexuals, at least Hitler had the decency to do that.


Here is a short list of relatively well-known actors that, according to, are gay or bisexual (you may need to sit down for this):

– Jim Parsons (from the television show The Big Bang Theory)

– Niel Patrick Harris (from the television show How I Met Your Mother)

– Anthony Perkins (from the movie Psycho)

– Roddy McDowall (from the movie Planet of the Apes)

– Jim Bullock (from the movie Spaceballs)

– Sir Ian Mckellen (Yes, Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy)


More gay actors at