King Henry VIII – Memorial Monday

Let us remember King Henry VIII. Many know him as the “Royal Beheader” (a rather unfair observation that is likely caused by some excitable, judgmental person.) I will point out that, although from a modern person’s point of view Henry’s actions may seem brutish and unacceptable, during the time in which Henry reigned his behaviour was acceptable of a king.


Both of the wives whom Henry had beheaded knew exactly what they were getting into when they married him. There is no reason that anyone should feel pity for these women. In his latter years Henry had a seriously infected leg wound, gangrene, and syphilis. His death was not pleasant (if you are a hater, this is his payback).


I sympathize with Henry VIII because he did what he had to do to fulfil his duty as a king, which is to continue his family’s bloodline.